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I am Dr. Richard Musgrove, business and science communicator.

Dr Richard Musgrove
Musgrove Communications

M: 0473 465 758
E: richard@rmusgrove.com

My work

My writing career spans more than 36 years, two countries and three sectors — scientific research, natural resource management and business. 

I currently specialise in tenders and grants and all associated plans, policies and procedures, and write engaging evidence-based content for websites and magazines. I have a passion for climate action and a deep interest in men’s health, particularly prostate cancer.

“Richard is a highly accomplished science communicator with strong experience in tendering and technical writing. He brings a strong analytical perspective to tendering and other communications areas.”
— Tim Entwisle, Madrigal Communications

I am also an academic editor, leveraging my scientific writing experience to enhance Ph.D. theses and journal articles.

“I highly recommend Richard, as he is a highly qualified individual with great experiences in science, academic writing, and the peer-review process.”
— Dr Stephany Sanchez-Ovando, Postdoctoral Researcher, Clinical Scientist and Public Health Professional, University of Melbourne

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