Concreting Carbon

We’ve been mass-producing concrete since the Romans built the Colosseum in 70 AD. Two thousand years on, annual production is 30 billion tonnes, 8% of our global carbon emissions. But now, we can capture some of that carbon, with technology from a surprising source — the concrete-making industry itself! A first for Australia Enter Carbon […]

Grant Writing Part III — Eight More Tips

tips for writing successful grant applications

Get serious Successful grant applications take a serious amount of work.  You’ll be opening yourself and your business to almost forensic examination by the funding body and competing with thousands of others for the same pot of money. A little daunting perhaps, but there are ways to increase your chances of making the cut.    […]

Grant Writing Part II — Eligibility and Planning

tips for writing successful grant applications

Eligibility and Planning I touched on eligibility and planning in Grant Writing Part I — let’s dig deeper into these critical elements.   Eligibility Don’t start writing that application yet — READ THE GUIDELINES — then put them down, go for a walk, and do it again. Focus especially on eligibility — what and who they […]

Website visits — you have three seconds to engage!

Looking for an editor. Image by Ri-Ya (Pixabay)

You have about 3 seconds to grab that potential customer visiting your website. Will they be hooked? Or will they move on because writing is not one of your many useful skills? We’ve all been there — you know what you want to say, but struggle with putting it into words. I’m Richard, I’m a […]

Where do you get the cash?

Here are some useful links to funding websites (government and commercial) that take the hard work out of searching for grants. remember to allow yourself two weeks to a month to get the application in. And take care with the submission dates on these sites – they are sometimes not as current as they could […]

Grant Writing Part I — Writing Successful Applications

tips for writing successful grant applications

Grants are an $80 billion slice of the Australian economy. And getting those funds is intensely competitive. Writing a successful grant application depends on your ability to persuade – using logic, ethics and emotion to convince the reader that you and your project are special! For your grant application to be successful you must: be addressing […]