grant tender writing

Grant Writing Part I — Keys to Success

Grants are an $80 billion slice of the Australian economy. And getting those funds is intensely competitive.

One of the keys to your success will be your ability to persuade – using logic, ethics and emotion to convince the reader that you are special!

You must show that:

  • You are addressing an urgent need
  • You and your staff or partners are qualified and trustworthy
  • Those outputs and outcomes, those goals, in your application are achievable, and measurable
  • Your planning is well done
  • You, your organisation and your project are better and more deserving, than the competition 

All without bagging the competition (which looks weak) or resorting to flowery metaphors or hyperbole.

This means carefully planning your approach to that submission. 

Assuming you have read the Funding Guidelines thoroughly, ask yourself:

  • What’s the problem (“Who Cares”)?
  • What’s your solution and Why?
  • How does that help (“So What”)?

Then use mind maps to flesh out your ideas. I use MindMap Maker to bring to light what, why, how, where, when, with whom and how much.

More to come in my next blog post 🙂