Marble Sculpture — unique, tactile contemplation pieces connecting you to Australia’s wild spaces.

This is my latest work — each is a unique, tactile, contemplation piece inspired by Australia’s wild spaces. 
The series also has a portal theme — beginnings, new adventures and journeys between states (of mind, of existence), with the spiral inclusions representing the eternal cycles of nature.

“Your work is fluid, calming and elegant”
 — Lindy Sullivan, So Unforgettable, Cairns   

Where does this marble come from? 

Four hundred million years ago Far North Queensland’s Chillagoe area was covered in a shallow sea, with fringing coral reefs and rich marine life. Their remains accumulated on the seabed and, after compression, heating and folding over the eons, formed the beautiful marbles we see today. 

Who am I? 

My name is Dr Richard Musgrove, and I am based in Speewah, Far North Queensland. I was a marine researcher for 25 years, have been a SCUBA diver since 1979, and a sculptor since 2006. My work is focused on organic forms, inspired by the natural world, and carved from Chillagoe marble.

Please get in touch if you are interested in these pieces or have an abstract project in mind. More sculptures coming! 



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