Climate action crisis

Concreting Carbon

The Romans used concrete to build the Colosseum in 70 AD. Two thousand years on, 30 billion tonnes of concrete are produced annually, and cement-making has become a major source of greenhouse gases, accounting for 8% of our global CO2 emissions. But now, we have the means to capture some of that carbon, with technology from a surprising source — the concrete-making industry itself.

Climate and hope

Your well-being and happiness are underpinned by financial security, and all depend on a stable, liveable environment. Think about that, as you read on.

COP26 — Holding back climate catastrophe?

The 30th of October will be a hopeful day, the opening of COP26 — the two weeks that follow will determine our future and that of our only planet.

Was COP26 a success?

COP26* was described by Chairman, Alok Sharma, as “our last best hope to keep 1.5oC in reach”. The COP had to deliver on its four main objectives to be considered a success, but failed, with emissions reduction pledges by the 197 attending countries leaving us on track for a dangerous 1.8 – 2.4oC global warming.

Is Breakthrough Victoria Fund the right investment partner for you?

The announcement of the $2b Breakthrough Victoria Fund (BVF, ‘the Fund’) by the Victorian Government is an enticing carrot for fast growth and emerging businesses – but is it the right one for you? [I edited this piece on the Breakthrough Victoria Fund for gemaker]