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Climate action crisis

Concreting Carbon

We’ve been mass-producing concrete since the Romans built the Colosseum in 70 AD. Two thousand years on, annual production is 30 billion tonnes, roughly 8% of our global carbon emissions. But now, we can capture some of that carbon, with technology from a surprising source — the concrete-making industry itself!

Wanted: a climate-focused leader to secure Australia’s future

Almost 60% of voters want “much more” cuts to emissions with 79% supporting further action, as we approach the 2022 federal election, although major differences

Carbon offsets

Your Business with Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsetting, carbon credits, and the booming carbon market have been in the news a lot, lately. And if your business has emissions which you can’t otherwise reduce, you may be curious about the potential for offsetting the remainder. (Co-authored with Warren Bradey)

Was COP26 a success?

COP26* was described by Chairman, Alok Sharma, as “our last best hope to keep 1.5oC in reach”. The COP had to deliver on its four main objectives to be considered a success, but failed, with emissions reduction pledges by the 197 attending countries leaving us on track for a dangerous 1.8 – 2.4oC global warming.

COP26 — Holding back climate catastrophe?

The 30th of October will be a hopeful day, the opening of COP26 — the two weeks that follow will determine our future and that of our only planet.

Climate Change

Climate and Hope

Your well-being and happiness are underpinned by financial security, and all depend on a stable, liveable environment. Think about that, as you read on. It is IPCC time again. I’ve been digesting the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report over the last few days, and it is a little terrifying, to be honest. There is no easy way to put this — we are facing a threat to our social well-being and financial security the likes of which we have never seen before. ‘Business as usual’ is unsustainable.