Tender Writing Example: excerpt from a winning tender written for a Sydney construction company


Executive Summary

Company Profile

XXX, based in VVV, Sydney, is a leading civil construction company providing professional, high-quality services in the Sydney area.

We operate under the trading name ‘YYY’, and have been delivering highly-rated utility and civil construction services for Tier 1 construction companies, councils and other organisations since 2007.

XXX, formerly the civil construction division of ZZZ, was launched in 2020, as an independent company.

We are dynamic and highly responsive, with an impressive client portfolio, and a sophisticated systems approach to service delivery.

Our civil construction services include the following (refer: Capability Statement, Appendix 1)

      • Concrete Restorations

      • Asphalt Restorations

      • Project Management

      • Asbestos Removal

      • Concrete Pavement Construction

      • Kerb & Gutter Construction

      • Layback Construction

      • Footpath Construction

      • Storm Water & Drainage Construction

      • Cycle Way Construction

      • Line Marking Works

      • Demolition/ Excavation Works

      • Building Works

      • Concrete Cutting/ Core Drilling

    We are also accredited to the following ISO standards (Appendix 1):

        • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

        • ISO 45001:2018 Occupation Health & Safety Management

        • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems. 

      Examples of our work may be found in the attached Case Studies (Appendix 2)

      Client relationships are the basis of our success and are underpinned by our core values — integrity and a strong commitment to the client. Our team (Appendix 6) has a can-do attitude and always focuses on getting the job done right the first time. XXX has the experience and capabilities of a large organisation but provides the flexibility and responsiveness of a smaller operation.

      We focus on quality, safety, and on-time delivery. The safety, of our people, and those around us, is our paramount non-negotiable objective.


      Although we currently have several major projects in process, we have the capacity to undertake further work, including urgent jobs, using either current staff or our large pool of trained and inducted casual workers. 

      This flexibility is ensured by rapid and efficient job turnaround using five effective, well-qualified and highly mobile teams, backed by skilled and totally committed managers and administrative staff, and a large and very well-equipped fleet of vehicles. Projects are carefully managed using effective communication and the latest technology.

      AAA is always available for discussions on potential work, and we are easily able to schedule jobs, day or night, as per WWW Council’s requirements.

      Of our five crews, two are available for projects with WWW Council, and, as mentioned, we also have a pool of trained and inducted casual workers, which we utilise at need. Our remaining three crews are presently doing ongoing projects for VVV Council (usually one job/day), UUU (two-three jobs/week), and TTT (on-call).

      Client Focus

      XXX welcomes the opportunity to establish an open and constructive relationship with WWW Council, as we have with other NSW LGAs, including VVV Council and SSS City Council.  XXX is an experienced civil construction provider with a strong track record of successfully completing similar contracts, on time, on budget, and to the client’s satisfaction.

          • AAA, our Managing Director, Project Manager BBB, and Field Manager CCC, will be available for any correspondence regarding a job. The Council is welcome to contact any of the above via company email, phone or mobile to raise queries or concerns, or offer feedback.

          • XXX will supply job invoices and job photos to the Council for approval once each job is completed. If the Council is not fully satisfied with a particular job, or if there are any defects, then, once notified, XXX will schedule remediation work to correct the defects, then send back job completion details to the Council for approval.

        XXX has also established procedures for Customer Satisfaction (Proc 20, Appendix 12) and Contract Management (Proc 11, Appendix 12), both of which are important elements of our Integrated Management System (Appendix 7).

        Proc 20 outlines XXX’s proactive management of customer relationships. On the completion of a job, each customer is given a Feedback Questionnaire to determine satisfaction with the standard of service provided.

        Questionnaires are then reviewed and the Project or Site Manager/Supervisor, in conjunction with the appropriate employee, decides on appropriate action if any, according to the feedback received.

        Such action may include:

            • Arranging a meeting to discuss and resolve issues.

            • Writing a letter responding to the feedback.

            • Calling the Client to acknowledge feedback.

          Proc 11 outlines XXX’s management of contract conditions from initial contract award through to final completion and provides a framework for the building of constructive and open relationships.  

          Risk Managememt 

          Management of risk is critical to meeting service levels. XXX’s risk management procedure is focused on identifying and assessing contract, project and business risks (i.e. quality, environmental impact, financial, and reputational). Our Project Health and Safety Management Plan Template (Appendix 8) details the processes which will be applied by all personnel to assess and manage risks on site.