Tender writing

I will help you achieve your business goals through tendering.

So, how do you do the job justice, with so many other issues on your plate?

Three simple steps.

1. Give me a call
Let’s have a chat to discuss your needs. I’ll write and edit as required, and I’ll offer advice on information to include and formats to present. I provide a cost-effective, professional service, with guaranteed confidentiality and an extremely good potential return on investment.

I also understand ‘government-speak’, and have worked with a huge range of clients from fishing companies to aquaculturalists, farmers, commercial painters, psychologists, water blasters, earthmovers, large medical companies and electric vehicle suppliers, to name a few.

Tender writing is much more than just putting words in the right boxes for an EOI (Expression of Interest) or a RFT (Request for Tender). Answering all those questions is only half the battle — attachments are as critical to your tender response, which is why my service includes drafting and editing policy documents (e.g. Work Health & Safety and Environmental Management Plans) at need.

I won’t over-charge or bamboozle you with legal-speak, I’ll just work with you and make sure you have the best shot at that tender.

2. Get a price
Most people like to know pricing and lead time for Tender Writing. Call me – I’ll have a look at the tender on the spot and give you a ballpark on both, then provide a written quote the same day via email.

Please allow a minimum of two weeks’ lead-time for the smaller tenders, and scale up, with size and complexity, from there.


3. Book the job
I like to make sure all critical conversations are in writing, so there is no confusion, and I will require a deposit. Once this is received, I’ll get started right away!

Are you just searching for more information on tendering?

Here is a video series I produced for Madrigal Communications.

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