Where do you get the cash?

Here are some useful links to funding websites (government and commercial) that take the hard work out of searching for grants. remember to allow yourself two weeks to a month to get the application in. And take care with the submission dates on these sites – they are sometimes not as current as they could be. 

Queensland Government Grants Finder
Queensland government grants and assistance programs that may help you.

Australian Government’s Grants Information System
Current and future funding opportunities from the Australian Government.

Regional Development Australia (Tropical North)
Regional Development Australia, in this case for Far North Queensland, with grants, tenders, scholarships and resources. One of the most useful sites in the country for businesses and communities.

Australian Government’s COVID 19 Business support portal
What it says on the tin. Financial assistance, eligibility and timing for the new government COVID19 support for Australian businesses.

Department of Social Services Community Grants Hub
This hub administers grants for DSS and a swag of other Australian government agencies and departments.

Grant Guru
GrantGuru is a commercial site and has a range of search options, with a basic free search level that usually does the job for occasional grants, and a paid level with more features for dedicated business and community grant-hounds. LG and professional levels are fully-featured and priced to match. More to come in my next blog post 🙂